PictureCoach Lisa Freitas takes time out for a photo (Credit: Holly Hanes and Aggie Karafas)
Lady Cougars take a loss
By Holly Hanes

On Friday, August 23, the high school volleyball team took a hard loss against Kestrel Heights.

"I think we will do well in tonight's game. … We have improved since last year," said coach Lisa Freitas before the game.

The ladies lost all three matches against Kestrel Heights and played them again the following Friday. They lost all three matches during the second game as well, but fought hard again against the Kestrel Hawks.

“I think we as a team have gotten better. We have done well and we are going to keep improving,” said junior Aggie Karafas.

The team’s current record is 0-3.

-- Aggie Karafas contributed to this story


09/06/2013 9:17am

I think this is a really good story. It has a lot of information and nice to read.

09/06/2013 10:15am

the volleyball team is the best in the world no matter the score of their games!!


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