PictureThe volleyball team poses at NCS (Photo provided. Credit: Lisa Frietas)
Lady Cougars came close to winning a 2nd time
By Sammie Atkins

The girls varsity volleyball team played very hard on Thursday, September 5 and Friday, September 6.

On September 5, the team played against Rosewood and fought hard. In the first game, the team scored 5-25. In the second game, the score was 7-25. In the third game, the score was 8-25

“It went well. We played hard, but Rosewood is a strong team,” said Coach Lisa Frietas.

On September 6, the team played against Bethel Christian Academy. The Lady Cougars scored 7-25 in the first game. In the second game, it was 7-25. In the third game, it was 12-25.

“It was really good, we scored the most points in a game then we did all year. We played with excitement, enthusiasm, and as a team,” said Freitas.

“In conferences we play strong teams with mainly senior and junior players and we have only three seniors, three juniors, and the rest are sophomores and freshmen,” said Frietas.


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great job sammie


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