PictureSenior Mark Fang shows his excitement at the soccer team's win (Credit: Tre'Shon Charles)
Ending the streak
By Tre’Shon Charles

Neuse Charter School’s soccer team celebrated its first win in two years, breaking its losing streak. 

On August 30, Neuse played against Kestrel Heights and won 5-0.

Neuse currently has a 4-4-0 record and is expected to keep doing well.

“We had better players than we did last year,” said senior Mark Fang, a defender on the soccer team.

Let the racing begin
By Angelica Cortes 

September 17, the Neuse Charter cross country team had their first home race.

The runners included Marika Samuelson (5th place), Maurice Watson (5th place), Taylor Davis (time: 34 minutes), Sara Stephenson (1st place), Nathan Smith (21st place), Freddy Bonilla (unknown), Mark Fang (26th place), and John Fang (unknown). 

The runners were very proud of their times and placements. 

They ran against several schools including Hopton, Rosewood, North Duplin, and Princeton. 

Isaac House, freshman, said, “Marika is the bomb diggity!” about her placement in the run. 

The runners are now preparing for their next race on September 24 against North Duplin. 
Neuse Charter School under new coaching
By Darrin Robinson

Neuse Charter School's girls varsity basketball team is under new coaching. 

New coaches Daniel Casey and Carl Collie have visions and plans for this upcoming season. 

Casey said, “I have been coaching for four years; I coached the Overhills High School JV boys team, which was the school I was at before I came here. I was a student assistant at Appalachian State University. My goal for this upcoming season is to do better than last year.”  

Neuse Charter's varsity girls team is looking forward to new warm ups as well as uniforms and fast-paced practices. The girls are working for chemistry and fundamentals, hoping to make it to the state conference.

When asked how she felt about the new coaching staff and the effects it will have on the team, senior Sakoyia Heath said, “I don’t necessarily have any feelings about Casey as our new coach because I don’t know if he is a good coach or not yet; if anything I think it will help us win games because as a team I believe we all want to win.”

The Lady Cougars are starting open gym workouts and are looking forward to having a great season.         
PictureJunior Joe Bell (right) and Coach Jimmie Sanders are excited about the plans for open gym (Credit: Sakoyia Heath)
Early bird gets the worm
By Sakoyia Heath

The coach of Neuse Charter Schools Varsity Boys – Jimmie Sanders – is opening up the gym at 6:15 to 7:45 for a good workout before school.

Coach Sanders said, “Open Gym in the morning provides an extra opportunity to get in shape as well as develop chemistry, having the boys come out early in the morning helps the coach know who is serious about the game of basketball.” 

Sanders finds opening the gym up not as getting an edge over rival schools such as Princeton but staying competitive with them, seeing as how neighboring schools are opening up and making use of their gyms as well.

According to Joseph Bell – Junior at Neuse – “This season should be exciting. We have been working hard in open gym.” He also concluded, “It’s very educational, bruh, communication and trusting each other is truly going to help us this season.”

Open gym is from 6:15 to 7:45, and it's helping the boys varsity team stay competitive. 

Coach Sanders has been coaching for about 18 years getting his first shot at coaching in Arizona, teaching middle school girls. Since then he has been passionately teaching youth the fundamentals of basketball.

The motto for boys varsity, according to Coach Sanders, is “We over me.” Meaning, he said, “We put our school and our team over individual to bring success.” 

Neuse Charter should expect a group of young men going to play very hard and compete at all times this upcoming season.

PictureThe volleyball team poses at NCS (Photo provided. Credit: Lisa Frietas)
Lady Cougars came close to winning a 2nd time
By Sammie Atkins

The girls varsity volleyball team played very hard on Thursday, September 5 and Friday, September 6.

On September 5, the team played against Rosewood and fought hard. In the first game, the team scored 5-25. In the second game, the score was 7-25. In the third game, the score was 8-25

“It went well. We played hard, but Rosewood is a strong team,” said Coach Lisa Frietas.

On September 6, the team played against Bethel Christian Academy. The Lady Cougars scored 7-25 in the first game. In the second game, it was 7-25. In the third game, it was 12-25.

“It was really good, we scored the most points in a game then we did all year. We played with excitement, enthusiasm, and as a team,” said Freitas.

“In conferences we play strong teams with mainly senior and junior players and we have only three seniors, three juniors, and the rest are sophomores and freshmen,” said Frietas.

PictureCoach Eric Ahn poses in the NCS gym (Credit: Darrin Robinson)
Neuse Charter falls hard
By Darrin Robinson

Neuse Charter School’s varsity men’s soccer team faced a tough loss on Tuesday, August 27. The Cougars fought hard the entire game but still fell short with a final score of 7-1.

“We are in a growing process; we’re just a few pieces short of getting our first win of the season. We just need to focus and play as a team,” said coach Eric Ahn.

The Cougars are working hard to get their first win of the season.

PictureCoach Lisa Freitas takes time out for a photo (Credit: Holly Hanes and Aggie Karafas)
Lady Cougars take a loss
By Holly Hanes

On Friday, August 23, the high school volleyball team took a hard loss against Kestrel Heights.

"I think we will do well in tonight's game. … We have improved since last year," said coach Lisa Freitas before the game.

The ladies lost all three matches against Kestrel Heights and played them again the following Friday. They lost all three matches during the second game as well, but fought hard again against the Kestrel Hawks.

“I think we as a team have gotten better. We have done well and we are going to keep improving,” said junior Aggie Karafas.

The team’s current record is 0-3.

-- Aggie Karafas contributed to this story

PictureJunior Makenna Hammer poses during the game (Credit: Dallyne Gardner)
Neuse begins year with good golf game
By Dallyne Gardner

Neuse Charter School’s girl’s first golf game was Tuesday, August 27.

The three girls on the team were senior Sammie Jo Akins, junior Caroline Lancaster, and junior Makenna Hammer.

They were able to win third place out of the eight schools that played that day.

Their scores were Hammer with a 41, Atkins with a 63, and Lancaster with a 60.

The overall score of the team was a 164.

Neuse Charter School Cougars win again
By Darrin Robinson

Neuse Charter School Cougars beat the East Wake Academy Eagles 2-1 in a fast pace middle school volleyball match.

“We could’ve played better. … We need to get to the ball quicker and [we need to hit and call] for the ball better. Even though we won, those things will make a big difference,” said starter Alania Crosier.

The Lady Cougars are undefeated with a record of 2-0.


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