The Butler: A historical journey
By Savannah Jones

The Butler was very inspirational. 

The movie included many historical time periods, and the struggle of African Americans from the early 1900’s to the present day.

While the movie was very political, it also held a lot of important moments in African American history, like the freedom of slaves, The “I have a dream” speech and death of Martin Luther King, and the beginning of boycotts and sit-ins.

The movie also involved the time periods of many famous presidents including Eisenhower, JFK, and Ronald Reagan. 

Though I would not recommend this for children younger than 12, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a gaze into history. 

09/23/2013 9:15am

oh...mmhmm...interesting...I never saw it. maybe something more relatable to people our age instead of politics

darrin robinson
09/23/2013 9:16am

good job!

09/23/2013 9:25am

great job explaining the movie with out giving away spoilers

09/23/2013 9:28am

Thanks yall! :) except u caroline >:(


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