Burn Notice goes out with a bang
By Allison Burke

The final episode of Burn Notice aired on September 12. As usual, it was extremely dramatic, involved at least one explosion, and was amazing.

The previous episode left off with Michael Weston, protagonist and ex­-spy, on the side of a group of cutthroat operatives who would stop at nothing to do what they thought was just.

He had previously been given the task of capturing their leader with the help of the government, but with yet another betrayal from his own side, he began to agree with the ideas of the people he was fighting to destroy.

Michael’s friends, Fiona Glenanne and Sam Axe, realized what was happening and tried to stop it without success. Fiona was not willing to give up on Michael, and gave him the choice of shooting her and continuing with the plan James had worked out or leaving and saving her life.

The plot was well written and did not seem like a ridiculous attempt to excite the viewers; it maintained as much as a balance between action and reality as there can be in a show about spies who survive every situation they get themselves into.

Although the show had been leading up to the main events for the last several episodes, the writers were still able to through in a few unexpected twists and turns, and the overall ending was not predictable.

The way that the last few events in the show were ordered, with what supposedly happened followed by what really happened, was a great conclusion to it all.

I would suggest that anyone who enjoys action or crime shows watch the series and find out what became of Michael and his friends.

10/04/2013 9:07am

great article! very well written and kept me interested until the end.

Savannah Jones
10/04/2013 9:11am

Awesome I've never watched the show but I might now.

10/04/2013 9:13am

Great story!! i really liked this show so it was interesting for me.

Haley Dupree
10/04/2013 9:22am

Love this show and your story is awesome !


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