Ask Makenna 
By Makenna Hammer

Q: How do you not fall into peer pressure?

A: Life is full of choices. A good way to stand strong against peer pressure is by knowing what you stand for and why. When people present you with an idea where you know you could get in trouble you have two choices. Go with the flow, or stand strong. Don’t be afraid to do what you know is right! You may lose friends along the way, but if that’s the price you pay for doing what’s right, it’s well worth it.

Q: People keep telling me I can’t play any sports, or I’m not athletic. I want to try out for a sport, but is it really worth it?

A: Sports can be very rewarding! I definitely think you should go for it. You may have a natural talent in a sport, so don’t let people influence a decision that is ultimately up to you! Prove the people telling you that you can’t wrong. There’s a sport out there for you! In the end I can almost guarantee you’ll benefit and it will be worth it.

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09/25/2013 9:42am

Very good advice MaKenna!


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