PictureStudent council candidates were praised for a well-run campaign and for their thoughtful campaign speeches (Credit: Sammie Atkins)
The results are in: 2013-2014 student council
By Sammie Atkins and Muhammad Malik 

Neuse Charter School had its high school student council election on September 23.

Student council is a group of students who help lead the high school. 

The council includes President Mark Fang, Vice President Ashlee Rouse, Treasurer Jarrod Sealey, Secretary Jonothan Foy, and Historian Jimmie Sanders.

Student council plans school dances, plans activities to get students involved in the community, and works with the staff and faculty to best represent the student body.

Rachel McInnis, high school English teacher and student council adviser, said, “This year, student council will focus on really giving a voice to the students. We will work to do what is best for the school and the student body.”

Mark Fang, the re-elected student council president, said, “I’m going to plan school socials and do anything I can do to make the students' year better.”

“I’m happy, but I’m sad the other people who ran weren't selected. However, I will make sure they have a voice in student council,” said Fang when asked if he was happy to have been elected once again.

Homecoming and prom were the top two priorities of Treasurer Jarrod Sealey. He said he is planning to make them fun and entertaining with the school's money. 

Vice President Ashlee Rouse is really eager to support and assist Fang, and she also planned to improve homecoming and increase student involvement in the school community.

Secretary Jonathan’s goals are to ensure that everyone stays on schedule, and to bring new and creative ideas to the other student council members.

“I plan on [setting up] an online scrapbook, taking as many pictures as possible, and representing the school,” said Jimmie, in response to a question about his ideas as an historian.

Nikita Lee, high school senior, said what she wants out of her student council is “to have them represent our ideas and listen to us.”


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