PictureHistory teacher Beth Miller leads the senior seminar class (Credit: Caroline Lancaster)
Seniors take new seminar
By Caroline Lancaster

Neuse Charter School has started a new class just for seniors.

Beth Miller, high school history teacher at Neuse Charter School, is one of the two teachers in charge of teaching the senior seminar class, a class to help rising college students.

The class is designed to help seniors with their applications to four year colleges and universities. “We help them with the application process, basically, and to handle their freshman year,” said Miller.

The class will also have a guest speaker at least once a week and go on many field trips throughout the year.

“They show us how to do college resumes and things you should do in college,” said senior Tre’Shon Charles. “There’s not really anything they could do to make it better.”

According to Miller, the final exam will be project based to make students show that they have retained the skills they learned while in the class.


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