One candy bar at a time
By Aggie Karafas

Candy and drinks are being sold by the high school science teacher, Carl Collie, for one dollar each. The money earned will be put toward the senior-junior trip.

This year the senior-junior trip is an Alaskan cruise for one week. The cruise includes tours through the cities along the route, hikes through Alaskan rain forests, and water rafting.

The cost for the trip right now is 1250 dollars. 

In one week of selling candy and drinks Collie has raised almost 400 dollars. Collie expects the cost of the trip to go down to about 600 dollars.

Students and staff involved with the trip are excited to visit Alaska. “I’ve never been,” Collie said.

Raffles will help contribute to the raising money for the trip. You can win up to 500 dollars in the October raffle. In the winter months, there will be another raffle where the prizes are an Xbox 1 and a PS4.

09/23/2013 9:25am

This is a great story Aggie. I like how you including a lot of information about the senior/ junior trip.

09/23/2013 9:27am

good job you might want to add a photo

David Davis
09/23/2013 9:32am

keep on selling candy bars

09/23/2013 9:34am

great story maybe a picture next time

09/23/2013 9:39am

hope for the best!

09/23/2013 9:56am

good job


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