PicturePrincipal Joel Erby stands by the new NCS building plans in the front office (Credit: Sammie Atkins)
Neuse is building up
By Sammie Atkins

Neuse Charter School is growing, literally. Neuse has been approved to start construction on a new building.

The construction for the building will start on September 2. The due date has been pushed back a few times due to permit problems. As of right now everything has been worked out and things are starting to take off.

The building will be built on the lawn area in front of the office. The high school building will be three stories tall and about 35,000 square feet.

The school is also planning to build a middle school building, library, and auditorium as soon as the high school building is built.

After the building is complete, Neuse is going to get rid of the high school and middle school trailers.

Elementary students will not be getting a new building right away. They will continue to use the trailers and in about ten years there should be enough funds to build the elementary building according to elementary principal Kyle Gahagan.

In the new building, middle school will have their own floor in the high school building until construction on their building is finished.

“Middle school would still be able to move around through the high school building because they share teachers with the high school” said middle school principal Cari Delatorre.

The budget for all the buildings to be built is between five and six million dollars.

 High school principal Joel Erby said, “I’m very excited. This is the first time for me being involved in building a building from bricks up seeing all the details and talking to the architect. Also, the Neuse Charter School board and administration have worked hard to see this through.”

Erby also said, “Seniors will get to make a time capsule to put into the new building for the students to look back on.”

“I’m very glad to see the school expanding with new … opportunities,” said Ron Brookshire, grandfather of a second grade Neuse student.

“I’m jealous. I’m going to visit Neuse Charter after I graduate just to see the new building,” said senior Mark Fang, student body president.

Administration, staff, students, and parents are excited for the new building to be built and are watching Neuse Charter School grow and move forward.


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