PictureGuidance counselor Daniel Casey poses with his phone (Credit: Jamal Boylan)
Neuse Charter School enforces policy changes
By Jamal Boylan and David Davis

A new school year has started at Neuse Charter School, and new school rules have been added. New changes for clothes, phones, food and more have been implemented and students have reacted strongly.

For instance, students are no longer allowed to wear sweat pants, because it is improper.

Another new rule that’s been implemented during lunch students are not able to pick up food from the office.

Policies regarding cell phone use are also being enforced. In our society, the use of cell phones is very common, especially texting. Now students are not allowed to text during class, and can only use phones while at lunch.

“If it is a true emergency you can come down to the office and call your parents,” said Joel Erby, the high school principle at Neuse Charter. Erby also said he has never used his cell phone when it was not permitted.

Senior Darrin Robinson said it is important to return a text “every time your phone rings.”


Haley Dupree
09/06/2013 9:11am

The quotes are great!

Holly Hanes
09/06/2013 9:14am

Mr. Casey isn't centered in the picture.


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