Freshmen going to Camp RockFish for class trip
By Duncan Ozturk

Freshmen will be taking a class trip to Camp RockFish, a Methodist camp that Neuse freshmen have gone to for the past three years.

The freshmen will be going in the fall for a day trip.

The camp allows students get to see themselves as a unit and lets them know that they are not alone in high school. The camp builds leadership and team building.

 “I love to camp, the staff are great, and they made great accommodations for us,” said high school teacher Jordan Gill, who has gone on the trip with the freshmen in the past.

The camp has a lot of activities for the freshmen. They can try archery, rock climbing, standup paddle boats, canoeing, fishing, and a high ropes course. 


09/06/2013 9:13am

need more info to vague

09/06/2013 9:20am

sounds fun!!


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