PictureHigh school principal Joel Erby commented on relations between NCS and SSS (Credit: Dallyne Gardner)
Controversy sparked between neighbor schools
By Haley Dupree and Dallyne Gardner

Recently Neuse Charter School was turned down by Smithfield-Selma High School.  

NCS asked if it could send students to attend SSS’s upcoming college fair, and principal Michael Taylor of SSS said no. 

Many were disappointed by that decision, because Neuse Charter is a smaller school and was unable to host its own college fairs and visits. Many at Neuse Charter thought that because of that, it would make sense for NCS students to attend college events being held at SSS. 

SSS Michael Taylor, recently told reporters with the Smithfield Herald that he did not want the college fair to become too crowded.

Neuse high school principal Joel Erby said that if he had been in Taylor's position he "would have [made] provisions and try to come up with solutions to the issue.”  

Recently SSS has invited NCS to send students to another college fair.



Holly Hanes
10/04/2013 9:06am

Great story, just take a better picture next time!

Makenna Hammer
10/04/2013 9:07am

Good story, maybe add more about the story being in the newspaper and then what happened after.

10/04/2013 9:17am

Nice wording, the picture is good.

Sakoyia Heath
10/04/2013 9:24am

Perfect the story is completely accurate. Maybe you could have taken a picture of the Smithfield harold with Neuse making the haedlines on this topic

10/04/2013 9:28am

picture a little foggy aside from that the story is great

David Davis
10/04/2013 9:34am

I think SSS is being inconsiderable

10/04/2013 9:37am

Great story

10/04/2013 4:56pm

Great story. The only thing is i would have tried to gather more information and details.


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