PictureNCS students and cheerleaders take a moment to pose during the fundraiser. (Credit: Brianna Windham)
Cheering for Sweet Frog
By Brianna Windham and Aubree Barker

On Tuesday, September 17, a fundraiser for the Neuse Charter High School cheerleaders was held at Sweet Frog in Smithfield.

Many of the high school cheerleaders came and helped to clean and cheer outside so people would come in and get some yogurt.

Freddy Bonilla, Neuse junior and cheerleader, and Maurice Watson, Neuse sophomore and cheerleader, were both able to get in the girl frog costume and greet the children in Sweet Frog.

Senior Ashlee Rouse, co-captain of the cheer squad, said “I think the fundraiser went well and I did not expect so many people to be here.”   

Senior Ashlee Rouse shares a silly moment with the Sweet Frog mascot (Credit: Brianna Windham)
Everyone on the squad had fun at the fundraiser (Credit: Brianna Windham)


none of your business
09/23/2013 9:09am

too bad everyone wasn't in the picture

09/23/2013 9:15am

Great story, just one blurry picture!

Haley Dupree
09/23/2013 9:19am

Love the story and the little bit of humor included!

Makenna Hammer
09/23/2013 9:22am

Great story :)

Allison Burke
09/23/2013 9:25am

I like the pictures, but the third one is a little blurry.

David Davis
09/23/2013 9:31am

keep on cheering

09/23/2013 9:40am

nice pictures


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