Booster Bash

Angelica Cortes

BOO! Welcome to the Neuse Charter Booster

On October 25, the Booster Bash was held in
the Neuse Charter gymnasium. Students from every grade came in and dressed up in
costumes to participate in this large event. 

Different games were going on that anyone
could participate in such as: Tic Tac Toe, sumo wrestling, and even a bounce
house for the little kids. 

You could get your face painted by art
teacher, Molly Layton and her students, color your hair, and even get something
from the concession stand or a snow cone.

Most of the students who did dress up were
smaller elementary children. Costumes included, the foxes from the music video
“what does the fox say,” a blue and green peacock, the mad hatter, doctor who
characters, and even a mermaid.

A DJ was there playing music by request
from students and teachers. There were songs like, “Cupid shuffle”, “All The
Single Ladies”, and “The Wobble.”


I smell fun!

Haley Jean Dupree

 The NC State Fair was a blast! 
From fried food to carnival rides, it all smelled and sounded
wonderful!  If you went, I’m sure
you had an awesome time, but did you notice a little difference in the fair’s
atmosphere this year?

T he petting zoo was missing from the state fair the time. 
Last year, too many people sewed and complained about their kids
contracting diseases and sicknesses from the animals at the zoo, so it was
decided that there would no longer be one.  
The fair also added a couple new things such as, new fried food!  It is a tradition for the NC State Fair
to have tons of fried food, and this year, the Sloppy Jo Donut Burger hit the
streets of the fair.

The downside to this year’s fair was when the Vortex (a famous state fair
ride) created lots of turmoil; five people were thrown off and injured after
attempting to get off the ride.  
Four days later on another Vortex at the fair, part of the ride fell on
and critically hurt one of the state fair workers. 

 Other than a few hiccups, the fair seemed to be a huge hit.  

New police officer at Neuse Charter School 
David Davis

There is a new police officer roaming the halls of Neuse Charter
to protect the students and provide a safe environment. 
Officer Wilson has just recently started working on Monday October
10th, 2013 and is already fitting right in.  
 He said his goals for NCS are, “To provide a safe, secure, environment for all
students and faculty”.  Officer Wilson thinks it’s a great idea, “To allow the children to be exposed to police
and their daily duties”.  His response as to how long he would work here, “I plan to be here a very long time
I’m not planning to leave”. 

Jamal Boylan a high school student at Neuse Charter School says; “I feel safe and very
protected by having a School Resource Officer SRO here”. 

PictureNCS senior and student council president Mark Fang joined board members and community leaders in their enthusiasm about the groundbreaking (Credit: Sammie Atkins)
Neuse breaks ground on new building
By Angelica Cortes 

On September 30, Neuse Charter School finally had a ceremony for the groundbreaking of the new building. 

Students, staff, family members, and NCS board members attended the ceremony. 

This is a huge milestone for Neuse Charter. Soon, the school will have a proper building so students can learn and thrive. 

The ceremony started off with a prayer by the pastor of Grace Community Assembly of God. Afterward, people of the Board began to speak highly of Neuse, its history, and its accomplishments.

The new building is expected to be completed in late August or mid-September. As soon as the building finishes, students will start moving into it. 

Joel Erby, high school principal of Neuse, said, “I’m excited because administration tried hard to design the building and colors and all that.” He also expressed hope that this progression will attract more students to Neuse Charter. 

David House, senior, thought that it was inspiring and that the gold shovels were an interesting feature.

Gloria Brindle, middle school teacher, said that her favorite part was when the national anthem was sung and when NCS senior and student council president Mark Fang spoke.

Brindle also said that she liked that there were community members present. She thought it was neat that they showed up to support us.

PictureStudent council candidates were praised for a well-run campaign and for their thoughtful campaign speeches (Credit: Sammie Atkins)
The results are in: 2013-2014 student council
By Sammie Atkins and Muhammad Malik 

Neuse Charter School had its high school student council election on September 23.

Student council is a group of students who help lead the high school. 

The council includes President Mark Fang, Vice President Ashlee Rouse, Treasurer Jarrod Sealey, Secretary Jonothan Foy, and Historian Jimmie Sanders.

Student council plans school dances, plans activities to get students involved in the community, and works with the staff and faculty to best represent the student body.

Rachel McInnis, high school English teacher and student council adviser, said, “This year, student council will focus on really giving a voice to the students. We will work to do what is best for the school and the student body.”

Mark Fang, the re-elected student council president, said, “I’m going to plan school socials and do anything I can do to make the students' year better.”

“I’m happy, but I’m sad the other people who ran weren't selected. However, I will make sure they have a voice in student council,” said Fang when asked if he was happy to have been elected once again.

Homecoming and prom were the top two priorities of Treasurer Jarrod Sealey. He said he is planning to make them fun and entertaining with the school's money. 

Vice President Ashlee Rouse is really eager to support and assist Fang, and she also planned to improve homecoming and increase student involvement in the school community.

Secretary Jonathan’s goals are to ensure that everyone stays on schedule, and to bring new and creative ideas to the other student council members.

“I plan on [setting up] an online scrapbook, taking as many pictures as possible, and representing the school,” said Jimmie, in response to a question about his ideas as an historian.

Nikita Lee, high school senior, said what she wants out of her student council is “to have them represent our ideas and listen to us.”

PictureHigh school principal Joel Erby commented on relations between NCS and SSS (Credit: Dallyne Gardner)
Controversy sparked between neighbor schools
By Haley Dupree and Dallyne Gardner

Recently Neuse Charter School was turned down by Smithfield-Selma High School.  

NCS asked if it could send students to attend SSS’s upcoming college fair, and principal Michael Taylor of SSS said no. 

Many were disappointed by that decision, because Neuse Charter is a smaller school and was unable to host its own college fairs and visits. Many at Neuse Charter thought that because of that, it would make sense for NCS students to attend college events being held at SSS. 

SSS Michael Taylor, recently told reporters with the Smithfield Herald that he did not want the college fair to become too crowded.

Neuse high school principal Joel Erby said that if he had been in Taylor's position he "would have [made] provisions and try to come up with solutions to the issue.”  

Recently SSS has invited NCS to send students to another college fair.

NCS to offer PSAT
By Jamal Boylan

The PSAT is an exam intended to measure academic readiness for college, as well as to prepare students for the SAT, a college entrance test. The PSAT is also often used to determine eligibility for scholarships.

Neuse Charter School is offering students to take the PSAT here on campus. The test is planned for October 16.
PictureSenior Jarrod Sealey excitedly tells other students about his chosen college at the college fair (Credit: Jamal Boylan)
Senior seminar students host college fair
By David Davis and Jamal Boylan

On September 13, the students in Neuse’s senior seminar class put on a college fair for the rest of the high school.

The participating seniors each had a display on a college of their choice and they had on their smiles, ready to talk about what college they might be going to as students and staff members circulated around the displays in the cafeteria.

History teacher Beth Miller, one of the staff members that leads the senior seminar class, said that at the college fair one would learn “Lots of information about colleges from across the country.”

High school principal Joel Erby had a great time walking around, admiring students’ displays and asking informal questions to the students. 

Meredith is an all-girls’ school and place where senior Sakoyia Heath would like to attend. She showed off a display board with photos and information about Meredith at the college fair.

Senior Miranda Phipps said that her college and career goals are “To go to college and become a teacher”

Miller believed that putting on the college fair was a good experience for the seminar students. “Teaching responsibility is important for getting a good education and setting goals for life.”

Senior Breann Tuttle talks about her college display at the college fair (Credit: David Davis)
Senior Restyn Martin stands by his college display at the college fair (Credit: David Davis)
PictureCoach Gail Browning is organizing NCS' first 5K (Credit: Holly Hanes)
Cougars want to run
By Holly Hanes

This year Neuse Charter will be having its first annual 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk held at the school. The event will be on Sunday, October 20 at 2:00pm.

If you register before October 18, the fee will be $25.00 and any time after that the fee will be $30.00.

Coach Gail Browning said, “I believe it will be very successful.”

There will be awards given to many different age groups. 

The run is to raise money for the Neuse Charter cross country and track teams. 

For any additional information and sign up forms, see Coach Browning. 

PictureNCS students and cheerleaders take a moment to pose during the fundraiser. (Credit: Brianna Windham)
Cheering for Sweet Frog
By Brianna Windham and Aubree Barker

On Tuesday, September 17, a fundraiser for the Neuse Charter High School cheerleaders was held at Sweet Frog in Smithfield.

Many of the high school cheerleaders came and helped to clean and cheer outside so people would come in and get some yogurt.

Freddy Bonilla, Neuse junior and cheerleader, and Maurice Watson, Neuse sophomore and cheerleader, were both able to get in the girl frog costume and greet the children in Sweet Frog.

Senior Ashlee Rouse, co-captain of the cheer squad, said “I think the fundraiser went well and I did not expect so many people to be here.”   

Senior Ashlee Rouse shares a silly moment with the Sweet Frog mascot (Credit: Brianna Windham)
Everyone on the squad had fun at the fundraiser (Credit: Brianna Windham)