Incoming sixth graders are welcomed to middle school
By Angelica Cortes 

This school year, Neuse Charter has received many new middle school students. In order to get them prepared and to rid them of some of their nerves, the sixth grade teachers hosted a transition night.

“We had more than 100 people show up,” Marjorie Harris, a sixth grade teacher, said. She also mentioned that the cafeteria was completely full. 

Sixth grade student Mayson Blake said that middle school so far is “really good. … We’ve been doing a lot of hands on projects, which makes it interesting.”

Blake didn’t come here last year, and she said that she likes Neuse Charter much better than she liked her old school. 

Ian Davidson, sixth grade student, he said that this school year so far is pretty exciting and that he is glad he has more than one elective. He has been coming to this school since third grade, and he is happy that he now doesn’t have to follow a specific dress code like he did in elementary school. 

Davidson said that one exciting thing that has happened so far this year is that a fight that broke out. He said he is almost sure that he started it. 

Harris said that the question that was most commonly asked by parents at the transition night was what the changes would be in transitioning from fifth to sixth grade.
Sixth grader Mayson Blake is a new middle school student (Credit: Angelica Cortes)
Sixth grader Ian Davidson is enjoying middle school (Credit: Angelica Cortes)
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