Elementary students get artistic
By Brianna Windham

The Neuse Charter School elementary school students, everyone in kindergarten through fifth grade, recently completed a huge art project.

They each drew a self-portrait of themselves in a different color. When all the portraits were put together, it looked like a rainbow of different colors on the hallway in the elementary building.

Sue Wilson, art teacher for the elementary school kids, said, “It was a great learning experience for the kids.”

Many teachers have said that it looks great on the wall.
Elementary art teacher Sue Wilson poses in front of some of the students' monochromatic self-portraits (Credit: Brianna Windham)
Students in different grades and classrooms were assigned different colors (Credit: Brianna Windham)
Holly Hanes
10/4/2013 02:12:43

Great story

Savannah Jones
10/4/2013 02:18:54

Awww that is so cute :3 great story


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