Smithfield boasts sweet spots
By Savannah Jones

While many complain about the lack of interesting things to do in Smithfield, some teachers and students at Neuse Charter School think that Smithfield has some fun places, and some places they would like Smithfield to have.

“My favorite place to go is Sweet Frogs, because it’s the best place to get frozen yogurt, ever!” said junior Brianna Windham. “We should get a Buffalo Wild Wings.”

“My favorite place is … a sport’s bar,” said middle school math teacher Jeff Matisoff.

“The Bistro on Third is my favorite place in Smithfield,” said middle school science teacher Marjorie Harris. “They have really good lunches and dinners.”

Smithfield has its share of sweet spots to choose from when looking for something to do.


Brianna Windham
09/06/2013 9:13am

Buffalo wild wings would be awesome in smithfield :D

Angelica Cortes
09/06/2013 9:15am

Great job Savannah. Loved the fact that you interviewed more than just a few people for the survey.


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