NCS starts spirit club
By Aubree Barker

Are you ready to get those hands clapping and voices raised? 

Come out and support your peers as they cheer on our fighting Cougars as a part of the Neuse Charter School spirit club. 

Jarrod Sealey, senior, is the leader of the club. "I want to be there cheering on my fellow peers as they try to set the Cougar name high," said Sealey.

Around Neuse, two of the things students try to excel at are grades and sports, and Neuse's hard-fighting Cougars deserve all the cheering on that they can get. 

Consider being a part of spirit club, and coming out to have some fun and support NCS' athletes!

Hilary Leix, Athletic Booster Club President
12/12/2013 7:18am

One if the best features of being in the Cougar Crazies is the T-shirt you can buy for $15. It is ONLY offered to Middle & High school students. With the purchase of the shirt you get into home games free if you wear it to the game. Each game is $6 so after 2 and a half games the shirt pays for itself. Come to concessions to buy one when it is open or at the gate when we have a home game!


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