I smell chicken
By Haley Jean Dupree

I smell chicken!  

On Tuesday, September 10, at Chick-fil-A in Smithfield, the Neuse Charter Chick-fil-A fundraiser was held.  

The fundraiser was to raise money for the middle school cheerleading team.  

“Chick-fil-A supports the community, has good food, and we personally know the cow,” said cheerleading coach Jessica Brank.

“The fundraiser was fun and the princess cow was my favorite,"  said junior Freddy Bonillo.

The event raised 350 dollars. 

Chick-fil-A started in 1946. To this day, it is still known as a family run and family loved restaurant.


Angelica Cortes
09/23/2013 9:17am

great job!! love the title

09/23/2013 9:20am

Great story, just needs a photo.

Tre'Shon Charles
09/23/2013 9:35am

where your pic


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